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What is the Airborne Beard and Shave Company?

What make us better than everyone else?

How does shipping work?

Where do you ship?

What is your policy on returns/refunds?

Is it safe to order online?

How should I store the beard oils and/or shave soaps?

Do you offer wholesale or account services?

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FAQ For Beards

Should I wash my beard daily?

How often should I wash my Beard?

Can I wash my Beard with face wash or shampoo.

Do you wash out Beard balm?

How often should I use Beard oil?

Can I use beard oil as an after shave?

How long should I wait to apply beard oil?

Does washing my face affect beard growth?

Can I use Shampoo in my Beard?

How do i soften my beard?

Do Beard oils help growth?

Do beard oils have any side effects from use?

Do Beard oils actually work?

What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?

Is coconut oil good for your beard?

Should I shave my beard before a job interview?

When should I start brushing my beard?

my beard is patchy, what can I do?

What is a beard oil?

My Beard is!


What is traditional or wet shaving?

I have very sensitive skin, can wet shaving help?

why use shaving soaps or creams over the stuff in a can.

what is the difference between a can of shaving cream and a traditional wet shave soap?

How long does a bar of shave soap last?

how much cream soap should I use?

What are the differences in shave brush handles?

What is the point of a shave brush?

What is a cut throat, straight , or traditional razor?

what is a safety razor?

When I shave it feels like I'm pulling my hair out!

How long do safety razor lades last?

how long does a regular razor blade last?

What are razor blades made of?

Which types of steel are the best razors made of?

what is a strop?

How do you strop a razor?