Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

There are many different types of products out there for your beard and the most common of those is a Beard Oil and a Beard Balm.
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Now there are a few differences between the two and they do cross over in their functions, but only a little bit. Both the Beard Oil and the Beard Balm have conditioning properties and it can be said that both can help your Beard become more full however, truth be told, they are different and they should be.
It is possible to make a conditioning oil but its not the best use of the ingredients. An all in one conditioning, taming, straightening, anti-itching, anti-flaking, make you more attractive and confident oil that cures all kinds of problems is not really possible with all of the ingredients jammed into one small package. Each ingredient serves a purpose and to be the most effective it has to focus more on being singular in purpose and function. Here at the Airborne Beard and Shave Company our oil is crafted to replenish the natural oils found in your beard and to keep the skin hydrated at the base of the hair. What it does is reduce itchiness and flaking in addition to strengthening the hair which reduces the likelihood of split ends. We recommend using it after washing your beard and if you didn’t know, washing your beard will strip the natural oil from you hair and the excess water makes your skin dry.
Beard Balm, sometimes referred to as Beard butter, is an intense conditioning agent. Simply put, it makes your beard soft and further reduces the likelihood of split ends by hydrating the hair itself. Our Beard Balm uses ingredients that bring the best of those properties and additionally, a light hold for taming the frizziness and some of the wiriness that most people have a difficult time managing. We recommend using Beard Balm in the morning so you can have a nice, presentable face piece all day long. Pair it with one of our combs so you can brush it out for even distribution and you are set.
For the best routine and how our system works and a quick how to beard tutorial, we recommend a shower at night, washing your beard with an all natural soap and conditioner every other day and then drying it as best you can. If it is your prerogative feel free to use a hair dryer while brushing it out. After that, use the eye dropper part of the beard oil and apply it directly to your skin at the base of the hair. A little bit goes quite a long ways and remember, its made for the skin and the base of the hair, not your entire beard so it should last around 2-3 months with daily use. The following morning, AFTER you shave (if you do that) and brush them pearly whites, dry it off and rub some of the balm in your finger and apply it to your hair. The bigger the beard, the more you will use but be careful, there is such a thing as too much and your hair can only hold so much. Use a Beard Comb as the final step to distribute the product evenly.
After that, tell you friends about how awesome the Airborne Beard and Shave Company is and ask random people to smell and feel the awesomeness. Maybe even rest your beard on an unsuspecting person. Well maybe not that last bit but if you did, they probably wouldn’t mind because freedom is contagious. If you are an operator, enjoy…the rest of you military dudes…check out our bad ass Shaving stuff. (Below) Try out our trial size if you are not quite sure yet.
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