Military Service and Shaving - Why we Switched

Military service comes with quite a bit of mandates and shaving is one of them. Most military members are required to have a clean shaven face at all times for various reasons with the most common one being ready for war. It has been said many times over that war is hell and being that we have been there we can assure you, it is.

You never underestimate your enemy and part of that is being prepared for anything that they may throw at you which can (and sometimes has) included chemical attacks. You need a proper seal for your gas mask and that is the primary reason behind the shaving mandate. Some Military Occupational Specialties require the use of respirators such those that work with hazardous materials or work in hazardous environments in addition to the MPs that may have to use gas masks for crowd control purposes. These also transfer over to the civilian world and encompass the same specialties; various mechanic positions, police, firefighters etc.

If you find that you are one of the exceptions and have extremely bad razor burn you can get an exception in the form of a waiver as it is a medical condition. It does come at a cost though. Some members may not be deployable as a result of the waiver and additionally, some may not be able to perform their job functions therefore they are not eligible to reenlist. Ever thought you could be let go from a job for shaving? It does happen...

If you are like most of the military though, you have a small amount of razor burn that is manageable and you just suck it up and deal with it...but, you don't have to.

I was gifted a sample kit from a "Wet shaving company" and it contained all of the basics you need such as a brush, cartridge razor, and a soap, which was similar to what we offer here. Instantly on use, I could feel the difference and the razor burn and general discomfort associated with using the canned cream was no more. It was such a smooth shave and the results spoke for themselves. I put the can of sensitive skin shaving cream under the sink and never picked it up again. I was hooked. So much so that I told everyone I knew about it and every one that tried it, well they never went back either...

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