Pro Review - @Lathermewhiskers

We love our Pro Reviews. It gives us a pretty good idea of where we stand and it gives us room for improvement. lathermewhiskers Thank you for giving us a go and for the review. In his own words:

Ayoh mates! I be starting me day a few bells earlier than normal so best be taking the lather and razor to me whiskers. Gots to be ship shape for the misses. Though I be secretly thanking Posideon for the opportunity to shave once again with @airbornebeardandshave's #mach soap and #vulcan brush.

Soap: Just about leave that soap on me face but the fear of ruining me shave has me thinking otherwise... The mint feels like Calypso herself be caressing me ugly mug. Aye lads, It feels like menthol but never gets overpowering so's ya cant see where ye be shaving. It also leaves that tingle on me face, bout' the same sensation when i be a a few cups into me rum. And dont be forgetting about the lavender becalms me like the song of the sirens.

Brush: Now here is something special, heavy as an anchor yet nimble as a sloop. This here brush be not for ye land lubbers, it be to much brush, savvy. Aye, this be for the fine gentleman of fortune, who's got black powder in their blood and the fire of adventure in their hearts. It be mighty fine brush any seadog be puffing his chest out with pride ta say he be the owner of such a fine treasure.

Razor:The Red Imp be a fine blade. Sharp as a can be and shines like a doubloon. It be from me good mate Justin of @rock_n_razors. He be one of the good ones. Ye ever need a stone, leather strop or some advice he be the first on me list of whom to ask.


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