About Us

The Airborne Beard and Shave Company is a proud veteran owned beard care and traditional shaving company that retails quality old fashioned wet shaving and beard care products. Most of our retail products are made right here in the USA or by manufacturers overseas that have been around for hundreds of years that are world renowned. 

We manufacture our own line of beard oils, beard balms, pre-shave oils, after shave oils and traditional shave soaps in small batches with high quality ingredients so that we consistently provide a superior product and ensure freshness in every one. 

Our journey started with military members that had to shave every day and we tried everything to make that experience better. The turning point for us was when we discovered wet shaving but were not exactly impressed by pricing for the quality of product. So we decided to make our own. 

As many of us transitioned out of service, naturally most of us did the one thing that we could not do, which was to grow a big ass beard. So beards and shaving was what we moved to. Fast forward a few years and we had perfected many recipes that people swore by.