Friends of Ours

This page is set aside to feature a few places, individuals, or businesses that happen to be favorites of ours. They have either helped us out along the way or we work with them. Take a look. If they are here, they are highly recommended.

All natural showering freedom in grenade form. Veteran owned. 


Hellbound with Halos podcast

Kev/Sully, firefighters from New York help make the week go by with unique guests.

Donald Dodson AKA the "Doctor" hand crafts very high quality leather goods by hand (including the top hat in the picture.

steven kuhn hit man honesty integrity transparency

Honesty.Integrity.Transparency. or the HIT philosophy for short. For the HIT man Steven Kuhn (US Army Vet) it is a way of life that brings business success and Quaity of Life

Sales motivator, podcast host, and general bad ass Donnie is all about bringing out your inner bad ass so you can achieve your business goals by teaching you how to get out of your own way.