Wet Shaving Beginners

New to wet shaving and don't know where to begin? Use this page to get you going. It will contain a list of products to step up your shave game. We will be the light to show you the way.

What do I need to wet shave?

Two basic items: a shave soap, and a lather brush.

shave brush soap unscented

You can use a cartridge (disposable) razor and it will work but keep in mind a safety razor or straight razor will get you the best results. Not to worry though, using the shave soap alone is better than anything in a can and you will see a drastic difference in the first use.


Standard Items (economically the best results): soap, brush, double edge safety razor, safety razor blades.

 safey razor soap brush

The addition of a safety razor is the most common addition to add to your arsenal. The blades are cheap ($0.15 each), disposable, and very sharp. This is the most common form of wet shaving and it won't break the bank. In the long run it is much cheaper and drastically better than modern shaving (can of cream and cartridge razor)

Advanced: soap, badger brush, lather bowl (or mug), strop, straight razor.


Instead of a safety razor that uses disposable blades, a straight razor is a piece of sharpened steel that is what everyone thinks of when they think about a hot shave from a barber. There are no blades to replace but you do have a bit of maintenance added. the initial cost is higher but this type of shaving provides the best possible shave one can hope to get. It takes finesse and experience to do it right but this is the top of the line. The strop is used to resharpen the blade.

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